• Main products are as follows,feminine hygiene,feminine wash, cream ,Lotion, spray, vagina tightening gel, vagina wash etc
  • Pharmaceutical factory of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences adhere to people-oriented, integrity first, quality first, service first. And strive to improve the management system, optimize production conditions, create first-class products.
  • feminine hygiene products Skin Care Products Pain Relief Patch Hemorrhoid Treatment Gel

OEM/ODM processing partners

Pharmaceutical factory of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences is a factory that integrates production and research and development, processing and producing products with plant extracts, ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine and pure natural ingredients. we have more than 3000 mature formulas and use the plant formula to truly relieve the pain and have been researching and developing effective products, effectively inhibit bacteria, all products have passed the test, various products have been listed, have also been praised by the majority of users, We provide one-stop brand processing services, including brand processing, customized, entrusted processing, semi-finished supply, formulation development, product planning and packaging design and so on, you will have the desired quality products. Welcome to our factory.


Product range

We have always adhered to the natural efficiency formula and the excellent production process. grasp the direction of market flow, focus on the development of high quality, effective products. Our product processing range is as follows, feminine hygiene products, antibacterial gel, vaginal gel, feminine wash, body wash, body lotion. Oral hygiene products, mouthwash, mouth spray, oral spray. Skin care products, body spray, acne treatment liquid or cream, skin diseases cream, pain relief cream. Pain patch, pain relief patch. Hemorrhoid treatment products,hemorrhoids treatment gel Foot care products: foot spray. popular products are antibacterial cream, mouthwash, feminine wash, gynecological gel, body spray, mouth spray, etc.


Hot Products

We are no. 1...WHY?

  • 1.One hundred thousand level purification workshop
  • 2.Advanced production equipment
  • 3.December 2003 through the national GMP certification
  • 4.More than 3000 kinds of natural herbal formula
  • 5.Processing production base
  • 6.One-stop brand processing services
  • 7.OEM/ODM processing partners
  • 8.15 years of research and development experience

We are committed to becomingthe most valuablepharmaceutical companies!