Vaginal Cleansing Gel

Vaginal Cleansing Gel

1.Product Name:Vaginal Cleansing Gel
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
3.ODM and OEM services are available.

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Vaginal Cleansing Gel

Antibacterial gels are made from a variety of valuable pure natural Chinese herbal medicines that are refined by special techniques. They are safe and have no side effects. This is particularly aimed at the various types of gynaecological inflammation that afflict women and the daily care of private parts of women's private parts. After the product enters the vagina, it can quickly spread to the affected area, destroy the living environment of harmful bacteria, regulate the balance of bacteria within the vagina and acid-base balance.

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1.Do nano silver gels have side effects?

Nano silver women's external antibacterial gel is non-antibiotic, non-drug resistant, sterilization environment is not affected by the PH value, so the nano silver women's external antibacterial gel will not affect the normal flora of the vagina while eliminating the pathogens. To restore the vaginal microecological balance. Its nano-silver particles are tiny, and in addition to the gel formulation, it is more easily hydrolyzed and the effect is remarkable.

2.What is the role of nanosilver?

The product is suitable for anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, repair regeneration, is mainly used for a variety of gynecological vaginitis, cervicitis treatment, including: bacterial vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, mixed vaginitis, gonococcal infection, chronic cervicitis, Cervical erosion.

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