Healthy Vaginal Gel

Healthy Vaginal Gel

1.ProductName:Vaginal Gel.
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
3.ODM and OEM services are available.

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Vaginal Gel

The genital area and the vagina are quite acidic. The PH value is about 4. There are many lactobacillus in the vagina to maintain the health of the vaginal environment. The number of other bacteria and molds under normal conditions is very small. If there is external interference , It may cause the proliferation of bacteria, so how to maintain the normal growth of these beneficial bacteria in the maintenance or cleaning habits of the genitals is very important.

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1.What is the effect of the gynecologic gel?

Antibacterial,  clean,  Relieve itching,  Dispel the odor,  Nourishing the vagina,  Supplemental nutrition,  Anti-aging,  Vaginal tightening.

2. How do you use your product?

Tear out the plastic bag and take out the gel

Push the top booster into the gel tube rear, gently top inside.

Lay down on the bed, the booster gently inserted into the vagina, Push the gel into the vagina discomfort with the aid of a booster, lying for 3 minutes. Once a day.

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