Wholesale Female Vagina Cleaning & Tightening Gel

Wholesale Female Vagina Cleaning & Tightening Gel

1.Product Name:vagina gel for female.
2.Net weight:4g/piece .
3.Suitable for: Vulva itching;Various vaginal inflammation;and so on.
4.OEM/ODM:highly welcome.

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Product Details

Product Information

1. Clean the vagina

Prevent vaginal dryness, aging and damage. Regulate the normal vaginal secretion, improve the sensitivity of the vaginal wall, long-term use can nourish the vagina and nest, restore the young state.

2. Detoxification and anti-inflammatory

The rich plant essence eliminates all kinds of bacteria in the uterus and metabolic wastes, Effectively solve the problems of vaginal itching and odor.

3. Condensation compact

Tighten Vagina, resolve the aging problems of female vagina, promote the recovery of elastic fibers to normal, stimulate the release of nerve information in the muscle layer of the vagina, increase the activity of muscle fibers, enhance activity, and restore the firmness of the young state.

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