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About Antibacterial Gel
- May 22, 2018 -

Product       name:

Dekangyi brand antibacterial gel


Stemonae RadixCnidii fructus Sophorae Flavescentis RadixPhellodendri Chinensis CortexCarthami FlosAngelicae Sinensis RadixBorneolum  SyntbeticumPolyhexamethylene biguanide0.2-0.3‰



1.Tear   the plastic bag out of the booster

2.Push   the top booster into the gel tube rear, gently top inside.

3.With   the hand booster tube to push into the vagina

4..Lay   down on the bed, the booster gently inserted into the vagina, press the   booster tube will gel injected into the body, until the press did not move,lying   for 3 minutes. Once a day.



1.   This product is not a substitute for drugs;

2   .External products, is strictly prohibited oral;

3.   Prohibit the consumption of spicy, spicy, wine and other spicy food;

4.   Menstrual period and pregnant women disabled, not for sexual life in the   prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.


The   main function:

1.Anti-bacterial,Anti-inflammation,Anti-endometritis,Anti-annextitis,exclude   toxin,detoxification, disinfection for vagina.

2.Tightening   vagina,Koro, delay aging. Rstore vagina.

3.Enhance   sex pleasure,sex feeling,improving the quality of sexual life.

4.Eliminate   peculiar smell,odor,Malodor,itching. And protect ovary.


Suitable   People:

1.Loose and dry vagina

2.Trichomonas   vaginitic

3.Abnormal   vaginal discharge,leucorrhea abnormal

4.Mycotic   vaginitic

5.Pelvic   inflammation,endometritis

6.Vaginal   swollen,pruritus

7.Cervical   erosion