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Antibacterial And Antipruritic Foot Spray
- May 17, 2018 -

Product name:

Antibacterial and antipruritic foot spray


Sophora flavescens, Cotex Dictamni, Kadsura root-bark, Salicylic acid, benzoic acid, Chlorhexidine ≤0.5%

The main function:

eliminate feet odor, relieve feet itching, moisturing dry skin;

This product has bacteriostatic effect on fungi, which is uitable for fungi caused  ithcy, red and swollen, peeling.





Spray the affected areas:

(1)spray 2-3(5cm away from the affected areas) ,            

(2)once or twice every day;

Spray the shoes: spray 3-4 into the shoes evenly, once or twice every week;

Spray the socks:

(1)put on the socks, spray 3-4 to the socks(10 cm away from socks),

(2)once or twice a week.

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