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Bulk Anti-bacterial Breath Spray
- Aug 09, 2018 -

bulk Anti-bacterial Breath Spray-mouth spray

Product name:

Seabuckthorn   antibacterial spray





Hippophae FructusCaryophylli FlosScutellariae   RadixForsythiae FructusLsatidis

RadixPropolisLonicerae   japonicae FloasI-mentholDimethfen0.35-0.45%

and so on.







Spray 2 or 3 times   of Mouth spray into your mouth to freshen your breath instantly.



Suppression   of microbial categories


Staphylococcus   aureusEscherichia   coliCandida   albicans





1. This product is   not a substitute for medicine.

2. Allergy to this   product disabled.

3. Baby child disabled.

4. Avoid spraying   into eyes.



The   main function:


Antibacterial,   clean, eliminate odor