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Feminine Hygiene Herbal Medicine-Stemonae Radix
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Stemonae Radix:(Latin scientific name: Stemona japonica), also known as Pogyenwort, It is a medicinal herb and a plant of the Encyclopedia.

Stemonae Radix are perennial herbs, clusters of spindle-like fleshy roots, and climbing the upper part of the stem rise. Oval leaves, 2-4 fertile segments. Light green flowers bloom in early spring and peduncles are attached to the main veins of the leaves, like flowers growing from the leaves.

1.cough and phlegm. The ancients used more than Stemonae Radix to treat chronic cough, phlegm and more, due to chronic cough, lung qi deficiency, Stemonae Radix can be adjusted according to cold and heat cough and phlegm. Cold cough is accompanied by ginger; Hyperactivity cough is honey. For tuberculosis, long-term cough, lung sputum, whooping cough, asthma embolism.

2.moist lung. On the contrary, when the lungs are inflated and coughing, one hundred suffers and vents, and the gas is reduced. Therefore, it is able to disperse lung heat, and the main warm lung. For lung cold cough, tuberculosis embolism.

3.heat solution table. One hundred Run without dryness, can be vented to vent gas, Qingfei heat and the table, for skin blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, yellow swollen, dermatitis, eczema embolism.

Kill insects. According to records in the Qing Dynasty medical book "New Materia Medica", Stemonae Radix insecticides without loss of blood, the most beneficial to humans.At the same time with ginseng, Poria, Atractylodes, etc. can reduce the bitter taste of the stomach damage. For head lice, body lice, worms, genital itching, ascariasis and other diseases.