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Herbal Medicine-Chrysanthemum
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Chrysanthemum contains Jerusalem artichoke, amino acids, flavonoids and a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Traditional medicine believes that Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum has functions of nourishing the liver and eyesight, clearing the heart, nourishing the kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach, moistening the throat, and producing fluid, as well as adjusting blood lipids. Changyin chrysanthemum tea can be warm in the spring, summer heat and thirst quencher, autumn dry, winter clear fire. However, chrysanthemum tea is not suitable for everyone. Chrysanthemum tea is most suitable for people with dizziness, redness, swelling, pain, phlegm, and high blood pressure. Bitter chrysanthemum best not to drink, physically weak, spleen, stomach cold, diarrhea are also not suitable for drinking, people with diabetes or high blood sugar is best to drink chrysanthemum, do not add sugar or honey. People with allergies should try one or two bubbles first. If there are no more problems, they should not be overdone. It is best not to add chrysanthemum tea to people who do not know their physique. In addition, a kind of pyrethrum "enzymes" and "extracts" can be used to repel insects, and are often used to make mosquito coils or insecticides.