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How To Use Gynecological Antibacterial Gel
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Use range:

Antibacterial,  clean,  Relieve itching,  Dispel the odor,  Nourishing the vagina,  Supplemental nutrition,  Anti-aging,  Vaginal tightening.


1. Tear out the plastic bag and take out   the gel

2. Push the top booster into the gel tube rear, gently top inside   

3. Lay down on the bed, the booster gently inserted into the vagina, Push the gel into the vagina discomfort with the aid of a booster, lying for 3 minutes. Once a day.


1. This product is not a substitute for   drugs;

2 .External products, is strictly   prohibited oral;

3. Prohibit the consumption of spicy,   spicy, wine and other spicy food;


4. Menstrual period and pregnant women disabled, not for sexual life in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.