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Remedies For Rheumatism-pain Relief Patch1
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Remedies for Rheumatism-pain relief patch pain relief patch

Rheumatism home remedies are varied and involve a number of unusual as well as easily available ingredients and methods. There is no known natural cure for rheumatism however, and home remedies cannot be relied on as an alternative to conventional rheumatism treatment. While there are many home remedies for rheumatism that may help manage pain and restore normalcy, the effects of most of these alternative treatments have not been adequately researched. Please keep your health care provider informed about any alternative treatments that you wish to try out, particularly when using herbal remedies or supplements, because of possible interactions. Here are some popular rheumatism treatments that you can try in combination with your medical treatments:

  • Potato: Potatoes are an extremely popular treatment for rheumatism and can be used in several different ways.  One way is to drink 2 teaspoons of raw potato juice daily. Alternatively boil potato skins in water until the concoction is reduced to nearly half the amount. After straining, drink this concentrate at least three to four times a day for the fastest results.