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Remedies For Rheumatism-pain Relief Patch2
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Remedies for Rheumatism-pain relief patch2

  • Boswellia: Is an herb that is available in supplement form at most health food stores or on the internet. Boswellia is believed to help improve bone and joint health and could prevent problems with the muscles and skeletal structure. Always consult with a trained herbalist before starting any new treatment.

  • Heat packs or cold compresses to the affected painful areas, hot tub baths with Epsom salts and warm olive oil massages can all help with pain relief during a rheumatic attack.

  • The inclusion of ginger in your diet, or the consumption of ginger supplements may help you cope with the pain and inflammatory symptoms, as research studies have confirmed the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in the herb. More research is needed on its effects on rheumatism however.

  • Turmeric may also have a role to play in rheumatism treatment, as studies have indicated the presence of curcumin, a chemical compound that offers the joints protection against inflammatory disease and damage.