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The Effect Of Radix Stemonae
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The Effect of Radix Stemonae


Bitter, sweet, slightly warm; lung meridian entered.


Moisten lung and stop cough, kill parasites.


A. Moistening lung to stop cough for both acute and chronic cough

It is good at directing qi downward to stop cough and also moistening lung after stir-baked with honey. It is indicated for all kinds of cough caused by external contraction or internal injury, or with cold or heat, or deficiency and excess syndromes, especially the chronic deficiency syndrome. For wind-cold cough, it is often combined with lung-ventilating herbs and phlegm-resolving to stop cough herbs.

B. Pinworm, trichomonas vaginalis

It is good at killing parasites. It is indicated for pinworm mostly externally used. For instance, it can be decocted into thick juice to make retention enema before sleep. For trichomonas vaginitis, it is used singly or combined with herbs to kill parasites and relieve itching by sitz bath or washing externally.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 3~10 g. Take proper dose for external application, decoct for washing, or make medicated wine, or grind into powder.

It is good at treating chronic deficiency cough when it is stir-baked with honey, which can increase the action of moistening lung to stop cough.


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