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Using Body Spray
- Jul 02, 2018 -

1.Choose a fragrance you like. Choose a scent that matches your personal taste and style. Start by sampling popular fragrances to see which scents appeal to your taste. Then explore other fragrances that are made with similar scents.

  • If you are a girl, then you may prefer sweet, floral scents or musky scents.

  • If you are a guy, then you may prefer woodsy or spicy scents.

2.Apply the body spray after you shower. Applying body spray on a clean body will help the scent stick to your body better and last longer. After you shower, lightly towel off. Spritz your damp body with the body spray.

3.Layer fragrances. Layering fragrances will also help your body spray last longer. While you are showering, use a body gel that has similar scents to the ones in your body spray. After your shower, apply a lotion with similar scents to your damp body. Once the lotion has dried, spritz your body with the body spray.

  • For example, if your body spray contains vanilla, lavender and mint notes, then choose a body wash and lotion that contains lavender, vanilla or mint to layer with.

  • If you cannot find a complementary lotion or body wash, then use an unscented lotion or soap.

  • Some body sprays come with complementary lotions and body washes.