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What Is The Route Of Herpes Zoster Infection?
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Second, the herpes infection; this is also the spread of herpes zoster. If the patient often scratches the affected part because of itching, it is easy to cause the water inside to flow out, so people who come into contact with herpes may be infected by the disease, especially those who are not resistant. It is recommended here that the majority of patients and friends who have herpes zoster should not go to the hands or tools to break it, may trigger a series of inflammation, and may infect others. At the same time, patients with children in the family should also try to avoid contact with children. The last is wound infection; if you have a wound on your body, don't touch the wound with the patient, it will increase your risk of contracting herpes zoster, because it can spread through the wound.

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