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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Diet Of Herpes Patients?
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Dietary precautions: 

1 Patients are not allowed  to eat fat and glycerin greasy food: fat, sugar, milk and sweet food, etc., many of the greasy, fat and stagnation, easy to make the disease's damp heat and poisonous evils are inaccessible, the disease is lingering not healed. 

2 Careful foods that converge on acid and sputum: sucrose, simmer, pomegranate, taro, spinach, etc. Chinese medicine believes that this disease is mostly unsatisfactory, liver qi stagnation, long-term stagnation and fire, re-stimulation of poison and evil, so the treatment should be based on qi and activating blood circulation. The above-mentioned acid sputum convergent products are easy to make  blood impassable, cult poison does not go, and the pain is intensified. 

3. Do not eat spicy  food: spicy, wine, tobacco, ginger, pepper, lamb, beef and fried food, easy to help the fire after eating.

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