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What Do You Kown About Our Seabuckthorn Mouth Spray?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

What do you kown about our seabuckthorn mouth spray?

About seabuckthorn mouth spray

REACHES WHERE NO ORAL RINSE CAN: seabuckthorn mouth spray uses a specially designed easy-swivel extinguisher spray nozzle to direct our powerful oxygenating formula to the hard-to-reach areas on the back of your tongue and throat, where bad breath bacteria thrive.

GUARANTEED FRESH BREATH: seabuckthorn mouth spray will  keep your breath fresh for24 hours.

PROFESSIONAL-FORMULATED: seabuckthorn mouth spray has more professional formulated to attack the anaerobic, oxygen-hating bacteria that cause bad breath. These bacteria live in your mouth and on the back of your tongue or deep in your throat, Only seabuckthorn mouth spray can reach these places and kill the bacteria hiding there.

ON-THE-GO FRESHNESS: This convenient seabuckthorn mouth spray easily fits into your purse or pocket. You can remove the nozzle and use it as a quick breath spray for fast acting, long lasting, breath freshening power.