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What Is Eczema?
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Eczema:According to the skin lesions are divided into acute, subacute and chronic .

(1) Acute eczema skin lesions are mostly intensive miliary-sized papules, blisters, or small blisters. The basal flushing gradually merges into pieces. As a result of scratching, the pimples, blisters, or blisters are clearly spotted after the top scratches. Exudation and small erosion surface, the edge is unclear. Such as secondary infection, inflammation is more obvious, can form pustules, pustules, folliculitis, warts and so on. Conscious intense itching. Occurs in the head, ears, distal extremities, scrotum, perianal, and more symmetrical release.

(2) Subacute eczema After acute inflammation of eczema is relieved, skin lesions mainly consist of small papules, scars and scales. Only a small amount of hill herpes and erosion are seen. There is still severe itching.

(3) chronic eczema Often due to acute, subacute eczema recurrence of unrelenting and turned chronic eczema; also can begin to be chronic eczema. It is manifested as skin thickening, infiltration, brownish red or pigmentation, rough surface, covered scales, or scarring due to scratching. Conscious intense itching. Common in the calf, hands, feet, elbow fossa, armpits, vulva, anus, etc.. The disease course is uncertain, easy to relapse and prolonged.