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Wholesale Deodorant Body Spray
- May 29, 2018 -

Product   name:

wholesale Deodorant Body Spray


Perrin, Licorice,   Gansong, White chrysanthemum, Chinese medicine ingredients.


1.External   use, Wipe the affected area with a warm towel, Directly sprayed in the   affected area.

2. 1-2   spray each time, 2 times a day, Continuous use for a week, Heavy for 15 days


1.   Do not do strenuous exercise.

2. When   the skin is broken, do not use it.

3. If   itching it, do not use it, After a few days it will disappear naturally.

4. Please   keep it out of the reach of children

The   main function:

1.Applicable   to a variety of Heavy sweating and Heavy Sweat gland secretion

2.the   armpit odor, quickly clean sweat glands, effectively eliminate the smell,   away from the body odor

Suitable   People:

Sweat weight and sweat glands secrete more people

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