Mouthwash for Gum Problems

Mouthwash for Gum Problems

1.Product Name:Mouthwash For Gum Problems.
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
3.ODM and OEM services are available.

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Product Details

In the past, people thought that brushing their teeth sooner or later could meet the hygiene standards, but it was not enough for the new concept of oral hygiene. Experts suggest that cleaning the mouth is as necessary as washing hands. But taking out the toothpaste and toothbrush anytime and anywhere is unrealistic. 

Our Mouthwash For Gum Problems can then come forward and take on heavy burdens. It can clean the mouth for you at any time and anywhere, rejecting the residue's erosion of the teeth; and, in some cases, eating It contains savory foods such as onion and garlic, which will make you unable to stop eating. However, there is no way to prepare a small bottle of mouthwash. Just go to the bathroom and immediately clean your mouth, leaving no traces. 

Secondly, during the journey, the water tank is often short of water or crowded with water. Prepare a bottle of mouthwash and all the troubles are gone. Besides, the mouthwash will also be the old person who has lost his teeth, the child who will not brush his teeth, and he cannot tolerate brushing his teeth. So it is the best choice for the oral health protection of dental patients.

Our Mouthwash For Gum Problems is a new product of the age of science and technology. Scientists have combined a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients for the treatment of oral and throat diseases. They can act directly on affected areas and have good permeability. They can also eliminate oral diseases and eat foods with odors while treating oral diseases. , garlic, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) Bad breath caused by poor sleep, mental stress, indigestion, etc.

Product description

Model:biological enzyme mouthwash
Capacity:30ml, 80ml, 230ml, 500ml
Storage:cool and dry place, tighten the cap
  1. for gargling only

  2. dont's put it where children can touch

  3. children should be used under the guidance of parents


  1. natural herbal essence: terminalia chebula retz, caryophylli flos, scutellariae radix, forsythiae fructus and so on.

  2. clear 99.8% oral bacteria: 30 seconds clear; 6 kinds of oral bacteria; reduce oral inflammation problems.

  3. original manufacturer: quality assurance; add the enzyme active ingredient; pregnant women and children can use.


working: rinse your mouth when you go to work with energetic, clear thinking;

date: rinse your mouth when you're on a date  to intimate contact, refuse embarrassment;

travel: small and exquisite, easy to carry;

sleeping: rinse your mouth before you go to sleep; refreshing and comfortable.



1.Q: Why do biology enzymes be more at ease?

A: 1.Enzymes are proteins that are produced by microbial fermentation and are not chemically synthesized.

   2.Enzyme hydrolysis of dentures bacteria, plaque and stains, no residue.

   3.Use lysozyme instead of traditional preservatives to inhibit bacterial growth.

   4.Enzymes can be completely degraded and do not pollute the environment

2.Q: Why is the biological enzyme cleaner?

A: Subversion of traditional cleaning principles

1.Other products: On the surface active agent peel off, wrapped stains, part of it remains.

2.Jun Yi biological enzyme: The stains are hydrolyzed into small molecules that are soluble in water, take it away with the water.

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