Prescription Pain Patch

Prescription Pain Patch

1.Product Name:Prescription Pain Patch.
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
3.ODM and OEM services are available.

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After many years of development, a variety of Chinese herbal formulas have been used. Prescription Pain Patch is mainly for bone pain, low back pain, and arthritis, acute and chronic contusion sprain, soft tissue contusion, cervical spondylosis, Skelalgia and Lumbago, rheumatoid arthritis, Detumescence and relieving pain,swelling and pain, dehumidification, Disperse the cold to relieve pain.

This Prescription Pain Patch is composed of acupuncture non-woven fabric, medical water-soluble gel and chamomile essential oil. It can be used to assist in the treatment and relief of pain caused by cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, and lumbar disc herniation.


Place the diseased area, stick it daily.


Store in a cool place.


1. The external product can not be taken orally, the skin is broken or ulcerated, and if it is allergic to skin during use, it should be stopped.

2. Patients need to maintain a good mood, avoid cold, keep the joints moderately exercised, and avoid standing postures such as sedentary standing.

3. For patients with clinically skeletal organic lesions, it can only improve clinical pain symptoms and cannot solve fundamental problems.


1. What is the problem of joint pain?

Swelling and swelling of the joint refers to swelling around the joints, flushing, fever, and limited movement. It is a clinical manifestation of many diseases. The main manifestations of knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and other joint effusion, pain. According to different diseases, take different treatment methods and use drugs to relieve pain.

2.What is rheumatism?

Rheumatism is a group of diseases that infringe upon joints, bones, muscles, blood vessels, and related soft tissues or connective tissues, most of which are autoimmune diseases.

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