Best Men's Body Spray Deodorant

Best Men's Body Spray Deodorant

1.Product Name:Best Men's Body Spray Deodorant.
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
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Best Men's Body Spray Deodorant

Body odor is a hereditary disease. Most of them occur in puberty and are affected by emotions and hormones. In general, they are related to sweat glands on the body. Refers to the body excluding sweat with a special odor. More hereditary, mainly in the armpit, plantar, perineum and other parts. The sweat excreted in the apocrine glands of the patient's armpits causes the bacteria on the surface of the skin to decompose mainly by staphylococcus, which produces unsaturated fatty acids and odors.

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1.Does body odor infect?

The body odor is not contagious and is hereditary. Body odor, also known as stench, is a type of blistering bromhidrosis, which emits a special pungent odor that is even worse in summer. It mostly begins in adolescence and can be reduced or disappeared by the age. Body odor often brings great psychological burden and inferiority complex to the patient, and may even affect work and study.

2.How to prevent body odor?

Pay attention to personal hygiene, diligently take a bath, change underwear frequently, and always keep the armpits dry and clean so that you can reduce the distribution of odors. Fuyukang body odor powder can also be applied topically to remove odors. Eat less or do not eat strongly irritating foods.

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