Deodorant Body Spray Supplier

Deodorant Body Spray Supplier

1.Product Name:Deodorant Body Spray Supplier.
2.Natural Chinese herbal formula.
3.ODM and OEM services are available.

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Deodorant Body Spray Supplier

The odor caused by body odor is caused by the decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids produced by various bacteria at the site and odorous substances secreted by the apocrine glands. If the drug is used to kill the bacteria so that they do not produce sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, no odors can occur. However, some scholars believe that there is no obvious relationship between the generation of odor and the decomposition of parasites on the surface of the skin, because the odor and odorless parasites are basically the same, and odorous substances emit odors when they are decomposed.

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1.Is your deodorant natural?

Natural plant deodorants are made using equipment and processes that have completely independent intellectual property rights, and are extracted from natural bactericidal and deodorizing ingredients extracted from plants. Without adding any chemical substances, it has no toxic or side effects on the human body and livestock and is safe to use. It has antibacterial, bactericidal and deodorizing effects, and has a good decomposition and removal effect on malodors such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

2.Can your deodorant be customized?

We mainly use plant extract technology, pure natural herbal formula, if you need to customize, we can customize according to your formula and needs.

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