Women's Deodorant Body Spray

Women's Deodorant Body Spray

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Women's Deodorant Body Spray

The reason that women suffer from body odor is that apocrine sweat glands only exist in the axilla, areola, umbilical fossa, anus, vulva, and external auditory canal. Except for the axillary fossa, the glands have very little sweat in other parts of the body. The sweat secreted by apocrine sweat glands is initially sterile. Under the action of microorganisms, organic matter in sweat is decomposed to form short-chain fatty acids and ammonia with a special body odor odor.

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1.What is the cause of female body odor?

A person with body odor has a high ambient temperature or a nervous mood. His armpits will be abnormally sweaty and give off an unpleasant taste. Excessive sweating and body odor will yellow the clothes and leave a long-lasting taste, causing cleaning troubles. The symptoms of body odor are most pronounced during puberty, and it is easy to get hot in summer.

2. What technology do you use?

We used plant extractive technology to extract a variety of Chinese herbal extracts. After a series of experiments, we finally developed this product.

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