The Manufacturer Of Herpes, Herpes Zoster Medicine In China

The Manufacturer Of Herpes, Herpes Zoster Medicine In China

Product Name: Herpes, herpes zoster medicine.
Specification: 15g/bottle.
Period of Validity: 24 months.

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We are The Manufacturer Of Herpes, Herpes Zoster Medicine In China. And products have the following advantages:

1. It combines natural plants with traditional Chinese medicine. It contains Chinese herbal ingredients such as Sophora flavescens and Kochia scoparia, which can clear away heat and detoxify, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and accelerate skin metabolism.

2. The product contains trace elements and has a good effect on facial acne, rough skin and pigmentation. It effectively cleans, brightens, shines and resilience.

3. It can promote the decomposition of melanin, improve skin roughness and restore skin elasticity.

4. It contains skin splitting and promoting factors, which can soften and repair keratin, prevent skin bacteria from breeding and promote dry healing. At the same time, it can effectively eliminate secondary infections.


1.Bacteria Inhibiting Category: The product can inhibit the staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and candida albicans.

2.Suitable for skin discomfort, bactericidal itching, cleansing care.

3.Suitable for skin diseases such as herpes and herpes zoster.

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The main ingredients of this product are Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, which are mild in medicinal properties and will not cause damage to the skin. I hope to effectively solve your skin disease.

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